Welcome to Motobike Istanbul!

The latest edition of International Motorbikes, Equipment and Accessories Exhibition, Motobike Istanbul was held on April 27-30 in Istanbul Expo Center. A total of 126.094 people have visited the show over 4 days.


Motobike Istanbul 2023

300+ exhibitor brands displayed in 120 stands have seized the opportunity to get together with 126.094 visitors over 4 days.

Motobike Istanbul is where you need to be!

Motobike Istanbul is where you need to be
  • Industry meeting place: Motobike Istanbul welcomes vendors and visitors as the only and leading fair in the field of motorcycling, bicycling and their accessories.
  • At the heart of the action: Vendors at Motobike Istanbul don’t just address the Turkish market; they also address markets accessible through Turkey – Europe, Middle East, North Africa and Asia. You, too, can strengthen your place in this international competition.
  • Season Opening: Launching of new products.
  • Advantage of communication options: Take advantage of communication options through media to establish and increase your brand awareness.
  • Motobike Academy: Join conferences on trends and innovations in the motorcycling and bicycling worlds with important names in the sector.