Information For Exhibitors

You will find all the most important and useful information for your personal preparations for Motobike Istanbul. In case of further questions we will be pleased to help you.

2020 exhibitors

You can browse all exhibitors of Motobike Istanbul 2020 separated in different halls.

Motobike Istanbul 2020 exhibitor list

Product groups


1.1 Atv

1.2 Chopper

1.3 Custom

1.4 Cross

1.5 Enduro

1.6 Mopet

1.7 Naked

1.8 Touring

1.9 Racing

1.10 Scooter

1.11 Others


2.1 Mountain

2.2 Cyclocross

2.3 Kids 

2.4 Electric

2.5 Freestyle 

2.6 Folding 

2.7 City 

2.8 Road 

2.9 Hybrid

2.10 Racer

2.11 Recumbent

2.12 Others

Motorcycle Parts And Components

3.1 Oils

3.2 Tyres

3.3 Chains

3.4 Filters

3.5 Batteries

3.6 Engine Shafts

3.7 Steering Shock Absorbers

3.8 Coils and Condensers

3.9 Spark Plugs

3.10 Carburettors and Injection Systems

3.11 Fairing

3.12 Footboards and Footreast

3.13 Bodies for three Wheeland Vans

3.14 Gear Cases

3.15 Rims

3.16 Cylinders

3.17 Alternatos

3.18 Headlights ands Signal Lights

3.19 Piston Rings

3.20 Forks and Fork Tubes

3.21 Breaks

3.22 Clutch Systems

3.23 Break Shoes

3.24 Seals and Gaskets

3.25 Connection Rod Systems

3.26 Ignition Systems

3.27 Direction Indicators

3.28 Handlebars

3.29 Springs

3.30 Engines

3.31 Auxiliary Engines and Related Spare Parts

3.32 Wheel Hubs

3.33 Bearings

3.34 Windscreen

3.35 Mud Guards

3.36 Bumpers

3.37 Brake Pads

3.38 Starter Pedals and Gear Levers

3.39 Pistons

3.40 Lamp Brackets

3.41 Radiators

3.42 Spokes

3.43 Saddles

3.44 Fuel Tanks

3.45 Rollers

3.46 Balls

3.47 Suspensions

3.48 Fuel Tank Plugs

3.49 Chassis

3.50 Transmissions

3.51 Exhaust Pipes

3.52 Fuel Pipes

3.53 Tubes for Brakes

3.54 Others


4.1 Ergonomic Equipments

4.2 Speed Gears

4.3 Reflectors

4.4 Chains

4.5 Rims

4.6 Baskets

4.7 Dynamos

4.8 Brakes and Brake Levers

4.9 Lighting Equipments

4.10 Kits

4.11 Springs

4.12 Pedals

4.13 Tyres

4.14 Saddless

4.15 Others


5.1 Antimisting Products for Helmets

5.2 Carriers for Motorcycle

5.3 Connecting Rods

5.4 Footwear and Boots

5.5 Helmets

5.6 Reflective Systems

5.7 Speedometers

5.8 Saddless Cover

5.9 Decalcomanias

5.10 Baggage

5.11 Lighting Equipments

5.12 Eyewears

5.13 Silencers

5.14 Covers for Motorcycles

5.15 Clothing and Protective Equipments

5.16 Gloves

5.17 Others

Bicycle Accessories

6.1 Decorative Accessories

6.2 Wall Mounts

6.3 Waterbottles

6.4 Helmets

6.5 Decalcomanias

6.6 Gloves

6.7 Others


7.1 Paint Products

7.2 Washing

7.3 Test Beds

7.4 Racing Fuels

7.5 Battery Chargers

7.6 Oils and Chemical Products

7.7 Polishing

7.8 Detergent and Rust Proofing Products

7.9 Others

Electronics And Systems

8.1 Safety and Alarm Systems

8.2 Intercom

8.3 Horns and Acoustic Warning Signals

8.4 Others

Service Groups

9.1 Chambers

9.2 Associations and Foundations

9.3 Press and Publishing Houses

9.4 Universities

9.5 Finance Companies

9.6 Software Companies

9.7 Insurance

9.8 Clubs

9.9 Federations

9.10 Servis Sector

9.11 Training and Certification Services

9.12 Others

Setup and dismantling schedule

The dates for setup and dismantling of stand constructions for Motobike Istanbul 2022 will be announced soon.

Arrival & stay

Motobike Istanbul team supports public transportation in the city center by taking measures of social distancing and wearing facemasks at all times. Below, you'll find useful information on how to get to Motobike Istanbul with ease and comfort.

  • By Metro: Aksaray-Airport metro line passes through the Istanbul World Trade Center/Istanbul Expo Center complex. Passengers are able to transfer from Zeytinburnu or Şirinevler metrobus stations to the Airport metro line.
  • By Bus: You can easily reach the Airport Metro stations from many points of the city by using IETT bus connections and get off at the "World Trade Center - Istanbul Expo Center" station and reach the fairground.
  • By Metrobus: Metrobus offers the fastest transportation option to the fairground from Zincirlikuyu, Mecidiyeköy, and Avcılar. You can transfer to the Airport metro from Şirinevler metrobus station using the 34 A metrobus line, get off at the Istanbul Expo Center Station and walk to the fairground.
  • By Taxi: Istanbul Airport is approximately 40-45 km from DTM Istanbul Expo Center.
    There are taxi stations at the Airport’s arrivals gate. You can exchange money and use ATMs in the Arrivals Hall. Just show the hotel name and address to the taxi driver. Between the airport and the fairground, it costs around 130-140 Turkish Liras (20-25 Euro). The total cost may increase according to the highway and bridge prices on the route and the arrival time may be longer depending on the traffic situation of Istanbul.
  • By Sea Bus: Access to the Fairground from Kadıköy and Bostancı – you can use IDO Sea busses departing from Kadıköy and Bostancı for Bakırköy to reach the Fairground.
  • By Car: You can reach the fairground by road transport through 3 alternative arteries: E5, TEM, Coastal road.

How to get from Istanbul Airport:

Havaist: You can reach Kadıköy, Bostancı İDO, Beşiktaş, Taksim by HAVAİST vehicles departing from Istanbul Airport. For detailed information, you can visit website.

BUS: IETT's IST-4 line numbered buses that carries passengers between Bakırköy and Istanbul Airport, reaches the Bakırköy İDO Pier by following the direction of Kuleli, Şirinevler, Ataköy. The distance of İDO to Istanbul Expo Center is approximately 15 minutes.

How to get to Istanbul Airport: 

Havaist: You can take Havaist from Kadıköy, Bostancı İDO, Beşiktaş, Taksim to Istanbul Airport. For more information about Havaist, you can visit the web site:

BUS: IETT's IST-4 line numbered buses that carry passengers between Bakırköy-Istanbul Airport, Departing from Bakırköy İDO Pier, Ataköy follows the direction of Şirinevler and Kuleli and reaches the Istanbul airport. The distance of İDO to Istanbul Expo Center is approximately 15 minutes.

Venue address:

Istanbul Expo Center, 34149 Yeşilköy, Istanbul, Turkey